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Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time if you are a new patient.

*Remember to bring your ID, current medical insurance card, your glasses and a list of current medications.

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If self pay, type self pay.
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If you would prefer to fill out the forms and print them out, the links are below. Please fax them to 512-868-3907 or email them to prior to your appointment.

Registration Form (English)

Formulario de Inscripcion (Español)

Privacy & Payment Agreement Form (English)

Formulario de Prividad y Acuerdo de Pago (Español)

Notice of Privacy Practices (English)

Notificación de prácticas de privacidad (Español)

Disclosure Authorization (English)

Divulgación a amigos, cuidadores y / o miembros de la familia (Español)

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