Intraocular Lens Implant

An intraocular lens implant is a synthetic, artificial lens placed inside the eye that replaces the focusing power of a natural lens that is surgically removed, usually as part of cataract surgery.

Why is an IOL used?

When the natural lens is removed, much of the eye’s focusing ability is lost. To restore vision, lost focusing power is usually replaced by one of three methods. The first method is the use of glasses (spectacles). The required lens power is high and the corrective lens quite thick. This option is less desirable for cataract surgery on one eye since the magnification caused by the one thick lens may hinder binocularity. The second option is to wear a contact lens. This option can be utilized for cataract surgery on one or both eyes. However, handling and/or tolerating a contact lens can be difficult for some children. The third option is to place a permanent IOL inside the eye, making compliance less of an issue.

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