Visian ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens)

The Visian ICL is a groundbreaking technological advance from STAAR Surgical to treat myopic refractive error (near sightedness) of -3.00 to -20.00 diopters. It is a lens made of Collamer implanted in the eye to correct moderate to severe nearsightedness. Although available internationally, at this time it has not yet been FDA approved to correct for significant astigmatism. Nevertheless, if you have been told you are NOT a LASIK/ PRK candidate due to the thinnest of your cornea, this may be an alternative procedure for you to achieve the desired goal of greater spectacle independence. Even if you have not been disqualified from Laser Vision Correction, this may be an alternative option. Visual outcomes from this procedure have less side effects from glare, halos, loss of contrast sensitivity, and dry eye when compared to LASIK/ PRK. Additionally, it is reversible/ removable and adds a barrier of UV protection. Clarity Eye Center is now offering this premium vision correcting technology at a competitive price.

The procedure was FDA approved in 2005 for ages 21-45 and utilizes an intraocular contact lens which is inserted behind the iris (color part of the eye) and in front of the natural lens. It has an extensive and encouraging track record of 20 years internationally and has been implanted in over 500,000 eyes. We began implanting the lenses inside US Army Soldiers as of 2006 and it has displayed both a very safe and stable profile inside and outside of combat zones.

The procedure is performed in an ambulatory surgery center/ outpatient facility. Prior to the procedure, the eye itself will be numb with eye drops. The surgical approach and incisions are similar to that of cataract surgery. However, instead of removing tissue we are adding a lens implant. The iris is dilated with eye drops. The lens is then inserted behind the color part of the eye and centered appropriately. A medicine is placed to allow for the iris to constrict back to its natural state. The procedure takes an average of 15 minutes per eye. Although your vision may be improved from your pre surgical uncorrected visual state, you will require a driver to assist you with transport back home following the procedure.

Please make an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation to see if this may be the best surgical vision corrective procedure for you. For more information visit:

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